Book Review: “Pledge” by Christina Garner


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“Pledge” by Christina Garner

D E S C R I P T I O N 

“Three new witches. Two dangerous secrets. One demon on the prowl.

Haunted by her past, Eden sees college as her chance at a fresh start. With a new school, new friends, and the recent discovery she’s a witch, life should be getting easier, right?

Except she’s tormented by nightmares and lighting fires in her sleep.

When things turn deadly, it looks like the monster stalking Eden’s dreams might just be real after all. Will she face the truth in time, or will her sisters pay with their lives?”

Four girls, a college sorority and house full of witches, yup that’s “Pledge” for you.  

Rose-Worthy Features

            In the synopsis, it states “three new witches”, but it should really be FOUR new witches. There’s four Hannah, Eden, Sarah, AND Jules. The book mostly follows Eden and the night terrors that she faces. There were parts in the book where it followed Hannah, Sarah, and Jules but not as much as it followed Eden. There was a clear preference on which character the author liked the best, lol. All four girls had two things in common they all seemed friendly, and they all held some sort of troubling past. I didn’t mind all the girls, but they wasn’t any special quality that one of the girls had that made that perfect character. They all had something missing and if they each had just one unique quality that made them different I probably would have liked them a little better.

There were some relationships like Eden and Quinn were the most prominent. I thought they were cute together, but it wasn’t crazy for this relationship. Sarah has her own relationship struggles with Kai and Hannah’s love life will definitely be the end of her.

Thorny Features

The plot was eh. There were moments where I couldn’t put the book down, specifically the initiation ceremony, but there were also a lot of parts that I could have gone without. There were also A LOT of random things happening, I couldn’t tell if they were supposed to be a plot twist or if they were just random events. I couldn’t tell the actual problem of the book until later on. I think that’s why I had such a hard time, trying to connect with this book. The random moments in this book kind of screwed up the book for me. There was a casual death, and then people were dropping the coven, and everything just felt all over the place.

The end of the book was probably my least favorite part. There were twist and turns, and usually I love plot twist, but in this case, I wasn’t a big fan. I was kind of confused about what was happening, and I wish everything was a little clearer.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I rate this book a 3.5 out of 5. This book was ok. I liked the whole coven of sorority witches, it was interesting and reminded me a lot of Scream Queens. The plot wasn’t my favorite and the characters were ok. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this book but maybe you will be. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, you’ve just been reviewed.

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