Book Review: ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ by Morgan Matson

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“It was Sloane who yanked Emily out of her shell and made life 100% interesting. But right before what should have been the most epic summer, Sloane just…disappears. All she leaves behind is a to-do list.⁣

On it, thirteen Sloane-inspired tasks that Emily would normally never try. But what if they could bring her best friend back?⁣

Apple picking at night? Okay, easy enough.⁣

Dance until dawn? Sure. Why not?⁣

Kiss a stranger? Um… ⁣

Emily now has this unexpected summer, and the help of Frank Porter (totally unexpected), to check things off Sloane’s list. Who knows what she’ll find?⁣

Go skinny-dipping? Wait…what?”⁣

Rose-Worthy Features

            Long story short…. I LOVED this book! Oh my god it was good! I’ll admit I had low expectations for this book and there isn’t a specific reasons why, but I just assumed that it would be like any other summer themed YA book, boy was I wrong.

When I first met Emily I’ll admit my first thought was “wow she seems a little clingy”, but after putting myself in her shoes I can see why she was so shocked when her best friend Salone is missing. Throughout the book Emily changes a lot. From the begginging you can see that Emily relies a lot on her and Salone’s friendship. She even defines herself as ‘Salones best friend’, but as the book continues Emily becomes a lot more independent and open to other people around her. While her growth as a character was beneficial for herself, there were also bumps along the way.

I thought the relationship between Emily and Frank was PERFECT! It was the perfect mix of friendship but also romantic chemistry. Don’t get me wrong there were issues along the way, one being Franks girlfriend (yikes) but everything sorts itself out in the end.

The plot follow Emily and her new friends, Dawn, Collins and Frank, as they accomplish all the different activities left on Salones bucket list that she left Emily. I found the plot to be entertaining. Each chapter was the gang completing a task and I found them all to be really entertaining. There was a little bit of drama, especially towards the end of the book, it got to the point where I couldn’t put the book down because I was so invested into what was happening!

Something random that loved reading about was Emily’s family. Her mom and dad are play writers and I found that to be really unique. Most of the book Emily’s parent are off writing there play, leaving Emily and Beckett to fend for themselves over the summer.

Thorny Features

Honestly, there wasn’t one thing that I didn’t like about this book. I liked it all: the plot, the characters, the romance, everything!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5. I loved this book! I definitely recommend this book, in fact this is one book I really suggest that you read this summer. This book even inspired me to write my own bucket list (3 out of 30 done, if you were wondering). I can’t believe I had low expectations of this book, especially with all the positivity surrounding this book! As I’ve probably mentioned before, I loved everything about this book, the summer bucket list to Emily’s crazy family, I loved everything! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, you’ve just been reviewed.


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