Book Review: “Tempest Rising” by Tracy Deebs

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On land…

Tempest Maguire loves her California coastline home. Surfing the killer waves. Taking care of her brothers and dad. Loving her longtime boyfriend, Mark. But the weight of her secret is pulling her under, toward the ocean’s ever-growing call.

Among the waves…

Tempest’s secret? She is half mermaid, a legacy left by her absent mother, who returned to the ocean many years ago. And now Tempest has her own choice to make. Complicating matters is Kona, an enigmatic newcomer whose otherworldly abilities hint at a shared passion and common secrets.

Beyond the sea…

But there is more at stake besides Tempest’s heart and her identity – her life may be in danger too. Because the waters hide a mysterious and dark secret world of their own, one full of sweeping romance and thrilling adventure – but one where nobody, least of all Tempest, is safe. ”


I’ll be honest, I picked this book mostly because I just felt like reading about a mermaid, and this book happened to be one of the first books that popped up. So, I loved the idea of reading about mermaids, but that was one of the only things I liked about this book.

Thorny Features

Love triangles are a controversial subject in the book community. Some people love them, while others not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I relish reading about love triangles but I hated this one. Tempest was dating her on and off again boyfriend Mark, and they seemed cute together. But then Tempest meets Kona and everything changes. It was hard to like Tempest and Kona’s relationship because I knew that Tempest was cheating on Mark and that annoyed me.

Tempest was annoying. Just gonna rip off that band aid. REALLY annoying! She was always lying from her close friends and then got annoyed when other people got withheld information from her. Not to mention that when she found out specific information, she freaked out. I just didn’t like her. She acted like a brat and had her own emotional issues after her mother left.

The plot was eh. I feel like the whole time I was just waiting for something! And when it got to the main conflict scene, I was disappointed. The scene went by to fast and lasted a chapter or two. The whole plot in a whole was disappointing! I wanted so much more to happen, like Tempest really connecting with her mom before she left.

I think the main reason I didn’t love this book, was because I couldn’t relate to the main character. Whenever Tempest went through a difficult situation, it was hard to connect with her. She just wasn’t relatable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I rate this book a 2 out of 5. That’s being pretty generous. I wasn’t a big fan of this book. I wished I enjoyed it more because it had a lot of potential, it just wasn’t excellent. Tempest was irritating, and I couldn’t relate to her, which made it hard to care about what was happening to her. I hope you enjoyed this post, you’ve just been reviewed.

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‘Tempest Rising’ by Tracy Deebs

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